The Veronicas Ditch The Dance Beats On Heartbreaking Ballad, ‘The Only High’!

For a second it seemed like The Veronicas had completely gone away, but fear not, they’re still in this!

Following last year’s foray into dance with “In My Blood” and “On Your Side,” the Aussie twin-sis duo – Jessica and Lisa Origliasso – are finally ready to give it another go with “The Only High” — and this time, they’re stripping it way way down.

Much like 2014’s “You Ruin Me,” “The Only High” – co-written with Shelly Peiken and Seann Bowe – sees the girls putting the glossy, dance beats aside for a more stripped-down affair as they croon about a nostalgic love. “Back when we were young and drunk/ Love could never last forever/ Then we sobered up/ Swear my heartbeat saw you better/ You, you’re the only high I need/ You, you’re the only high I need,” the duo cry out on on-top of the sad, lingering piano melody and subdued atmospherics.

It’s a beautifully heartbreaking production — and a welcome change of pace from the island-lite takeover at the moment. LOVE!

“The Only High” by The Veronicas is also available on Apple Music now!

from Jon ALi’s Blog


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