Pia Mia Links Up With Jeremih On Summertime Bop, ‘I’m A Fan’!

Just when I think Pia Mia‘s reached her musical limit, she returns like she never left…

It’s been almost six months since she released her Netflix & Chill anthem “We Should Be Together,” but the Guamanian singer-songstress has returned at last, and she’s brought along some company. For her latest foray into music, Pia‘s linked up with feature-staple Jeremih for a breezy new tune called “I’m A Fan” and yes, I’m totally a fan.

Produced by Remo the Hitmaker, the song sees the duo trading verses on-top of a summertime production that continues the island-lite sound that’s dominated airwaves over the last year — but with a #SomethingMoreUrban flare than your typical pop bop.

I could tell that you’re a fan/ You’re a fan already/ You’re a fan already/ Know that you’re a fan/ He a fan already/ He a fan already,” Pia sensually declares on the hook, Jeremih responding, “Yeah, you dancing in the mirror/ Yeah, I’m a fan already/ I’m a fan already, yeah…

It’s easily her most radio-friendly offering next to “Touch,” and with any luck, it’ll garner much more attention than that underrated gem. Get into it below!

“I’m A Fan” (feat. Jeremih) is also available on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play!

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2017/05/26/pia-mia-links-up-with-jeremih-on-summertime-bop-im-a-fan/


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