Nicki Minaj Serves Looks With David Guetta And Lil Wayne In ‘Light My Body Up’ Video!

Happy Cinco de Minaj. The Benny Boom-directed visual for the David Guetta / Nicki Minaj / Lil Wayne collab “Light My Body Up” was released today (May 5). It’s in the same lane as her other recent releases in that she’s just serving looks throughout. I was hard on my girl earlier this week for the mostly-boring “Regret In Your Tears” video, but I think I just need to accept that this is Nicki‘s era of music video looks– beautiful clothes, impeccable makeup, and perfect hair. After all, she’s a Wilhelmina model now. The music videos are here to complement the songs, not add to them.

Some of the shots–especially the one with the mask and Freddy Kreuger gloves– in “Light My Body Up” had already been previewed on Nicki’s Instagram, as usual, but some (including that frosty look, my favorite) were unseen until today. Interspersed throughout the video are shots of David canoodling with a female, and Lil Wayne, who displays his Young Money-branded double styrofoam cup during his brief scene. At the end of the video, Nicki turns witchy and lights David‘s body up with a touch to the forehead. Nothing really happens after that, so I guess that’s a plot point that will remain open-ended.

As I mentioned in my review, the response to this song could go either way. I’m not sure it’s been as well-received as the past Guetta/Minaj collabs, and the song is not even in the Hot 100 at the moment. Fierce video, though. Check it out below.

Oh, and a side note for those who care: “Regret In Your Tears,” currently a Tidal exclusive, will be released on Vevo this weekend.

from Jon ALi’s Blog


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