Zayn Smokes Us Out In The Music Video For ‘Still Got Time’!

While we were waking up for work this morning, Zayn was walking out of an all-night house party with a monkey on his shoulder. Or at least that’s what happened in the newly-released video for his PARTYNEXTDOOR collab, “Still Got Time.”

The gritty video, which is made to look like it was shot with an old camcorder, shows a mellow Zayn walking through a house party where the attendees are pretty damn lit. Some are grabbing each others’ crotches, some are giving each other haircuts and tattoos, and some are hotboxing the bathroom– it’s just a big, dirty house of shenanigans. Zayn himself partakes in the action from the sidelines, never really interacting with anyone and instead just watching it all go down.

While he looks as handsome as ever, I get the feeling that Zayn is still reluctant about this whole pop star thing. I can’t tell if that’s how he wanted to be seen in this particular visual, or if it’s because he really doesn’t like being front and center in a solo effort. Overall, the video is kind of whatever but does fit in with the aesthetic he’s created with his post-1D look and music. It doesn’t make me like the song anymore than I already do (I actually really like it), but it also doesn’t make me like it any less. Mostly I can’t stop thinking about how messy that house must be after the party… Anyway, watch the video below!

from Jon ALi’s Blog


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