Lea Michele Keeps The Lovefest Alive On Gorgeous ‘Places’ Cut, ‘Getaway Car’!

With just one week left to go until the release of Places (April 28), Lea Michele has decided to share one more taste off of the upcoming LP before its all ours in its full glory. Following the release of the gorgeous lead single “Love Is Alive,” the empowering “Anything’s Possible,” and true stunner “Run To You,” the Louder goddess has debuted: “Getaway Car“!

Like “Love Is Alive” and “Run To You” before it, “Getaway Car” sees Lea lacing her full-bodied vocals on-top of some solemn piano melodies and heavenly strings as she belts her tale of love: “Cause if I got you, if you got me/ We don’t need nothing else at all/ Sleeping all day, driving all night/ Looking for a place we want to go/ Stole the night, now this world is ours, love/ Just us kids in a getaway car.”

The difference here is that there is no big organic build this time around, instead, Lea takes her time and keeps the focus solely on her vocal performance. She’s here to S I N G, y’all. Thas it.

“This song is so special to me,” Lea told E! News exclusively. “I remember being in love for the first time when I was in high school and we would drive around in his car. It was the first time I remember feeling so in love. Even now as an adult, I have memories of riding in cars with past relationships and thinking about what life would be like if we just packed all our bags and drove away together. It reminds me of ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman. It’s one of my absolute favorite songs on the record and it’s a really beautiful song about love.”

Lea Michele’s sophomore album Places is available for pre-order on iTunes now!

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2017/04/21/lea-michele-keeps-the-lovefest-alive-on-gorgeous-places-cut-getaway-car/


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