Leo Kalyan Gives It To Us Good (Again) On Hazy Banger, ‘Versailles’

Leo Kalyan is delivering on his promise to share brand new cuts with us every month for the rest of 2017! He is a gift. Bless.

While last month’s first offering “Feels Right” saw the British multi-hyphenate (singer-songwriter-producer) taking us on a smooth and slinky sunny escape, his newly revealed second output “Versailles,” dives slightly deeper into the more R&B side of his signature textures. Packed with bouncy hip-hop drumbeats, soulful vocal loops and rhythmic layers all around, the smooth track gives off an energy more geared towards a late night, blunt session with your significant other rather than a sunny road-trip. You get my drift?

“I’ve wanted to share this one for a long time. ‘Versailles‘ is a song about meeting the perfect person and not needing to change a thing,” Leo said in a statement. “I have a childhood memory of visiting the palace of versailles in France when i was about 5 years old, and it’s always remained in my mind as a magical, perfect place. That’s the feeling I wanted to revisit and capture for this song.”

Leo Kalyan’s new single “Versailles” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2017/04/14/leo-kalyan-gives-it-to-us-good-again-on-hazy-banger-versailles/


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