‘Mo Bounce’: Iggy Azalea Reboots ‘Digital Distortion’ Era With Booty Banger!

Iggy Azalea is back (again), with “Mo Bounce“!

The “Fancy” hit-maker actually came back almost exactly a year ago with her trap-light independence anthem “Team.” It was a banger of sorts, yes, but the song itself was not even close to the smash she needed, it was lackluster – let’s be real.

This time around, Iggy‘s really really back in the sense of a more straight-forward, radio-ready approach with her official “lead single” off of Digital Distortion, “Mo Bounce.” And much like her very own “Bonce,” “Mo Bounce” – produced by The Stereotypes and Far East Movement – finds Iggy laying down some slick rhymes up against hypnotic, clap-heavy dance beats. “Little bit of ratchet, little boujee, you should all know,” she rhymes. “Everybody got opinions, yeah, like assholes / You ain’t gotta worry ’bout those / ‘Cause they assholes / We just came to party.”

With “Mo Bounce,” it’s clear that Iggy isn’t taking things as seriously as she was on “Team.” She’s letting loose, having fun and quite literally letting things “bounce” off her back – or in this case, her booty.

I-G-G-Y spoke about the track during an interview with Beats 1. “This is my intentional single,” she told Zane Lowe. “I wanted to put out the Uzi record, where I feel like it’s maybe more hip-hop, more about rapping verses. To me, this is about the whole sound, as an entirety.”

Iggy Azalea’s new single “Mo Bounce” is also available on iTunes now!


from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2017/03/23/mo-bounce-iggy-azalea-reboots-digital-distortion-era-with-booty-banger/


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