Era Istrefi Teams Up With Felix Snow On Worthy ‘Bonbon’ Follow-Up, ‘Redrum’!

It’s about damn time Era Istrefi!

If you remember correctly, this breakout Albanian singer-songwriter first came to my attention in February of last year with her all-out addictive shake-wind-and-roller “Bonbon.” Since then, Era signed American record deals with Sony/ RCA/ Ultra Music and re-released “Bonbon” in English. While the original remains far superior, it at least managed to peak at #12 on the US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs. Get it, Era!

Now, to give us more to work with, Era‘s gone ahead and dropped a brand new single called “Redrum“! The track is a collaboration with Jon ALi fave Felix Snow, the genius producer behind Kiiara‘s “Gold” and who is one third of Terror Jr.

The dreamy and effervescent number sees the songstress ditching the infectious Major Lazer-like beats of her breakout hit “Bonbon” in favor of some delicate, synth melodies and a slow-staggering electro-pop pulse. “You’re too smart for all the drama/ Can fix my heart with all your comments/ You drive so fast, don’t care about my mama/ As if we’re gonna make it,” she sings. “And I’m too good for all your bullshit/ But you got something that I don’t quit/ So let’s pretend like we’re too perfect/ As if we’re gonna make it.” The result is not necessarily comparable to anything else (aside from Felix‘s production), as Era bares her soul atop a much more stripped-down production than her predecessor.

While I don’t really see this playing on Top 40 anytime soon (as dope as that would be), what I do love about “Redrum” is how fresh it sounds. The song doesn’t necessarily stick to the typical verse, pre-chours, chorus and bridge structure, it’s more left-lane than you’re standard pop affair. LOVE!

Era Istrefi’s new single “Redrum (feat. Felix Snow)” is also available on Apple Music!

from Jon ALi’s Blog


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