Ed Sheeran Takes His Time On Loving ‘Divide’ Ballad, ‘How Would You Feel (Paean)’!

Riding high off the success of his #1 hit single “Shape Of You,” Ed Sheeran drops off his brand new song “How Would You Feel” from his upcoming album ÷ (Divide), just in time for his 26th birthday!

Unlike the stadium anthem feel of “Castle on the Hill” or the rhythmic vibe of “Shape Of You,” “How Would You Feel (Paean)” is pure classic guitar-pop Sheeran. “How would you feel/ If I told you I loved you/ It’s just something that I want to do/ I’m taking my time, spending my life/ Falling deeper in love with you/ So tell me that you love me too,” he soulfully croons alongside a soft, lingering piano melodies and acoustic guitar riffs. It’s very much in the same vein as “Thinking Out Loud,” but with more of a bluesy feel, especially towards the end.

“It’s not a single, but it is going to be released in a single format. It’s called ‘How Would You Feel‘ and it’s a song that I wrote and produced myself,” Ed told Carson Daly on his 97.1 AMP Radio show. “I had produced the Hobbit song, but this is the first time I’ve produced anything on my own record and I hope people like it.”

I very much like Sheeran when he’s been all romantical and stuff so this is a win for me – What do you guys think?

Pre-order Ed Sheeran’s new album ÷ (Deluxe) on Apple Music now and receive three songs instantly!

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2017/02/17/ed-sheeran-takes-his-time-on-loving-divide-ballad-how-would-you-feel-paean/


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