‘Hopeless Romantic’: Michelle Branch Returns With An Alluring Shift In Sound!

REJOICE: Michelle Branch has found her way back to us!

That’s right! The “All You Wanted” songstress who provided us with countless pop-rock anthems from her still-“Everything” albums The Spirit Room and Hotel Paper, has returned at last after years and years of label drama with “Hopeless Romantic,” the lead single from their long-awaited third studio album, also called Hopeless Romantic!

The 14-track LP, which is set to be released on April 7, was crafted alongside her now-partner Patrick Carney of the Black Keys. “Patrick was like, ‘This is your record, it has to sound like you’,” Michelle told EW back in December. “It was the first time that someone pushed me to figure it all out on my own. The lust, the love, the heartbreak. It’s all there.”

As for the lead single, “Hopeless Romantic” sees Michelle stepping away from the pop flair of her Spirit Room and Hotel Paper eras and wandering into much more experimental territory. Trading out the infectious, pop-heavy acoustics that characterized her early records, the swaggering track plays less like a expected return to form and more like, well, a Hotel Paper evolution meets the Black Keys.

Cause I’m a hopeless romantic/ When I should run for my life/ Honey, I don’t understand it/ Cause it’s magic, but it’s tragic/ I know you’re gonna eat me alive/ You’re gonna eat me alive,” Michelle seductively purrs on the hook, backed by a driving electro-guitar pulse and haunting background coos. It’s a sexy, dark production that is giving me a little bit of Lana Del Rey vibes and I’m totally here for it.

Hopeless Romantic” sounds exactly what a 33-year-old Michelle Branch should sound like, and its entirely different from anything that’s being offered in pop music at the moment – Get into it!

1. Best You Ever
2. You’re Good
3. Fault Line
4. Heartbreak Now
5. Hopeless Romantic
6. Living a Lie
7. Knock Yourself Out
8. Temporary Feeling
9. Carry Me Home
10. Not a Love Song
11. Last Night
12. Bad Side
13. Shallow
14. City (feat. Atlas Genius)


Michelle Branch’s new single “Hopeless Romantic” will be available everywhere tomorrow (February 3)!

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2017/02/02/hopeless-romantic-michelle-branch-returns-with-an-alluring-shift-in-sound/


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