Tinashe Shuts It Down With Dance-Driven ‘Company’ Music Video!

Finally! Tinashe has released a music video for her underrated Nightride gem “Company“!

The visual sees the “2 On” hit-maker serving four minutes of non-stop incredibly intricate, sleek choreography with a crew of male and female dancers in what looks like an elaborate dance studio. That’s basically it but it’s honestly all the song needed because it is already great. FACT!

It may not be much of a concept, but it all is certainly impressive in this day in age where we barely see our pop stars dancing at all. Props to you Tinashe, forever an underrated Queen. Consider me TINA-SLAYED!

Tinashe’s latest mixtape Nightride is also avaible to stream on Spotify and purchase on iTunes!

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2017/01/06/tinashe-shuts-it-down-with-dance-driven-company-music-video/


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