Pia Mia Escapes From It All On Netflix & Chill Anthem ‘We Should Be Together’!

Pia Mia is still here y’all!

The 19-year-old pop princess on the rise has been a little quiet on the music front this year, appearing only on will.i.am‘s average dance bop “Boys & Girls” all while serving as the face of Madonna‘s fashion line Material Girl.

This week, Pia returns with something brand spanking new: “We Should Be Together,” a smooth and sultry, R&B-nodding dose of late-night seduction all about escaping it all to enjoy some downtime with her man. “No friends, no phone/ Just a little sex with the Netflix on/ We ain’t worried if tomorrow gon’ come/ We escape from all that, take a break from all that,” she confidently purrs across the Harmony Samuels production, which includes a sample of Isaac Hayes‘ “The Look of Love” (famously sampled by Jay-Z on “Can I Live“).

I don’t really see this seductive cut doing her any favors on Top 40 radio, but hey… get yours Pia. We all got needs! I’m bopping along either way – What do you guys think?

Pia Mia’s new single “We Should Be Together” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2016/12/16/pia-mia-escapes-from-it-all-on-netflix-chill-anthem-we-should-be-together/


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