M.O Shout It Out On Feisty Dancehall-Influenced Anthem, ‘Not In Love’!

The girls of M.O are back at it again!

After scoring their biggest UK hit yet with summer smash “Who Do You Think Of?,” the rising British trio have decided to team up with “Don’t Mind” hit-maker Kent Jones on their latest output “Not In Love“! And much like its predecessor, “Not In Love” – produced by FRED – sees the girls lacing their full-bodied, ’90’s R&B-nodding vocals on-top of a infectious dancehall-influnced production.

I’m not in love/ I’m not in love, no boy/ And I want to shout it/ And tell the world/ I-I-I love it, I’m not your girl/ No, I’m not in love with you/ In love, with you,” the girls declare on the feisty, soaring hook. SHOUT IT OUT M.O!

Whereas “Who Do You Think Of?” saw the ladies feeding into the desire of their significant other, “Not In Love” sees them completely over it. They’re done with the games. They’ve had it, officially. You get the gist?

M.O’s new single “Not In Love” feat. Kent Jones is also available on Apple Music!

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2016/12/09/m-o-shout-it-out-on-feisty-dancehall-influenced-anthem-not-in-love/


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