G.R.L. Keep It Moving With Sassy #SomethingMoreUrban Banga ‘Are We Good?’

After making a comeback with their ridiculously fun club banger “Kiss Myself” in September, the newly reformed G.R.L.Jazzy Mejia, Natasha Slayton and Lauren Bennett – are already back at it with a infectious slice of urban-pop perfectly suited for a dance-filled weekend.

Unlike the slightly, well, gay dancefloor feel of “Kiss Myself,” “Are We Good?” is what we here like to call a #SomethingMoreUrban banga.

Get to the bottom, get straight to the point/ If we got a problem, better make a choice/ Get to the bottom, get straight to the point,” the girls urge on-top of a hypnotic dance pulse before the sassy hook comes surging in for the sell: “Are we good?/ Are we, are we good? Are we, are we good?/ ‘Cause I can’t read your mind/ No more wasting my time, so tell me/ Are we, are we good? Are we, are we good?

The Hook N Sling-produced ode to “no more drama” and “game-playing” is a little all over the place but it works. It’s pop, it’s R&B, it’s hip-hop, it’s dance, it’s a little bit of errthang and I’m totally here for it.

“‘Are We Good’ is about a no bullshit approach to friendship and all relationships. Drama and game-playing are completely pointless,” G.R.L. said in a statement. “If you have a problem with me, let me know. Let’s fix it and air it out. At the bottom of every problem, there is a solution. So “let’s get to the bottom let’s get to the point”. There’s no time in life for fake friends or unaired issues, and anyone who wants to stay in the vibration of a problem is probably not going to fit into the picture of my life. Are we good?”

G.R.L.’s new single “Are We Good?” is also avaible on Apple Music and Google Play!

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2016/12/09/g-r-l-keep-it-moving-with-sassy-somethingmoreurban-banga-are-we-good/


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