Shakira Brings The Heat With Maluma On Sexy New Single, ‘Chantaje’!

Shakira, aka Queen of Breasts Being Small and Humble, has returned at last!

Following the success of her Latin Grammy-nominated summer anthem “La Bicicleta” with Carlos Vives and Maluma, the Colombian goddess has decided to re-team with fellow Colombian superstar Maluma on her very own proper single release titled “Chantaje” (translation: Blackmail),” our first official taste of her upcoming eleventh studio album.

The track is a super infectious, dance floor-ready bop that sees the hot duo trading sexy verses on top of a pulsating reggaeton beat. “Con mi cuerpo un egoísta/ Tú eres puro, puro chantaje/ Puro, puro chantaje/ Siempre es a tu manera/ Yo te quiero aunque no quieras/ Tú eres puro, puro chantaje,” they confess on the hook.

This is the kind of song that works even if you don’t understand what they’re saying, it’s that good. But for those of you truly lost in translation, don’t fret, Shakira‘s got an English version set to come soon – STAY TUNED!

Shakira’s new single “Chantaje” feat. Maluma is also available on Amazon and Apple Music!

from Jon ALi’s Blog


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