‘Shotgun’: Rebecca & Fiona’s Wonderfully Strange ‘Party Hard’ Serving!

My girls are back at it again! That’s right, Swedish sweethearts Rebecca & Fiona have returned to us with a fresh new tune titled “Shotgun“!

The track, which follows last year’s “Sayonara” and “Drugstore Lovin” back in July, is a stomping electro-pop power ballad loaded with irresistible harmonies, soaring synths and a robust drum beat. “Crashing the car again/ It’s all you ever do/ Feel like they’re calling/ Shotgun, shotgun, shotgun,” the girls chant in a sort of distorted-like manner. “I know it always ends/ Running red lights with no breaks/ Just feel like you’re calling/ Shotgun.”

The wonderfully strange cut, which was co-crafted with Andreas Pfannenstill, is a vastly more mature, experimental production than we’ve heard from them in awhile. A promising taste of what we can expect from their upcoming Party Hard EP, due out November 4th. Get into it!

Rebecca & Fiona’s new single “Shotgun” is also available on Apple Music!


from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2016/10/26/shotgun-rebecca-fionas-wonderfully-strange-party-hard-serving/


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