‘Voicemail: Fifth Harmony’s ’90’s-Influnced ‘7/27’ Bonus Track – Listen!

Fifth HarmonyFifth Harmony ain’t doing too bad, thank you very much.

At least that’s what they’re claiming on “Voicemail,” the Napster-only bonus track from their excellent sophomore album, 7/27, that has randomly popped out of nowhere today. I didn’t even know Napster still existed but like, K.

Tripping along a super turnt up, dub-infused hip-hop beat and some “It’s Gonna Be MeNSYNC-style millennial pop production, the girls get their Destiny’s Child-like harmonies on as they hit the club and “shake it, shake it, shake it” to forget about their good-for-nothing men: “You have reached a phone number that is no longer in service for you/ So don’t wait for me to call you back/ Cause I ain’t doing too bad/ I ain’t thinking bout you.”

Your new single ladies anthem? Methinks yes. Get into it!

BUY Fifth Harmony’s sophomore album 7/27 (Deluxe) on Apple Music now!


from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2016/07/15/voicemail-fifth-harmonys-90s-influnced-727-bonus-track/


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