M.I.A. Debuts Skrillex Collaboration ‘Go Off’ & Announces Last Album ‘A.I.M.’!

M.I.A.Go Off,” it’s FRIDAY!!!

After threatening to leak her new album earlier this month, M.I.A. has formally announced that she will release her long awaited fifth studio album A.I.M. on September 9th – and “Go Off,” produced by Skrillex and Blaqstarr, is the LP’s lead single!

The hard-hitting, low-slung number is restrained compared to some of Skrillex‘s other outputs, allowing M.I.A‘s vocals to be the focus of the song while Skrillex and Blaqstarr‘s production work serves simply as the extremely well-suited backdrop. “Run-pama pama pa-pama pama pama/ No focus lost, I concentrate/ And now you got it wrong/ Go off on em, Go off on em,” she encourages. It’s the perfect combination of M.I.A‘s signature Sri Lankan influence and Skrillex‘s exuberant production stylings, it does not disappoint.

“It’s my last record, so I just want it to be happy, and there’s no complaints on it,” M.I.A. explained on BBC Radio 1. “I want time to go and do some other stuff. I’m sure I’ll put music out and make music, but as an album it kind of just came together. I started making it after I made ‘Borders,’ and it just seemed to write itself very quickly.”

BUY M.I.A.’s new single “Go Off” on iTunes / Apple Music now!

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2016/07/15/m-i-a-debuts-skrillex-collab-go-off-announces-last-album-a-i-m/


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