Rihanna Debuts Sia-Penned ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Ballad ‘Sledgehammer’!

RihannaOur flawless Navy Queen Rihanna has been non-stop providing us with sweet tunes this year, from ANTI to “This Is What You Came For” with Calvin Harris to her collaborations with Kanye West (“Famous“), Drake (“Too Good“) and DJ Mustard (“Nothing Is Promised“), and she’s showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

This week, RiRi is back at it again with another new number titled “Sledgehammer,” and it was written by master crafter of songs Sia — who if you remember, penned Rihanna‘s chart-topping smash “Diamonds” off of 2012’s Unapologetic.

Sledgehammer,” which will be featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming Star Trek Beyond movie (out July 22), is a big ol’ soaring ballad that is easy enough to imagine Sia singing it, but without a doubt sounds just as wonderful with Rihanna‘s Sia mimicking. “I hit a wall, I thought that I would hurt myself/ Oh I was sure, your words would leave me unconscious/ And on the floor I’d be lying cold, lifeless/ But I hit a wall, I hit ’em all, watch the fall/ You’re just another brick and I’m a sledgehammer,” Ri cries out on-top of the delicate piano melody and slow-building marching beat.

One of her best vocal performances yet – LOVE!


BUY Rihanna’s latest single “Sledgehammer” (From the Star Trek Beyond soundtrack) on Apple Music now!

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2016/06/27/rihanna-debuts-sia-penned-star-trek-beyond-ballad-sledgehammer/


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