Dragonette Make Their Addictive Return With ‘Lonely Heart’!

It’s been about three years now since Dragonette – aka Martina Sorbara, Dan Kurtz and Joel Stouffer – dropped their underrated 2013 third studio album, Bodyparts. Since then, they’ve manage to show up on a number of fantastic collaborations with the likes of Big Data (“Get Some Freedom“), Dada and Paul Harris (“Red Heart Black“), Lenno (“The Best“), Mike Mago (“Outlines“) and Philip George (“Feel This Way“).

While that’s all been fine and dandy, we haven’t heard much from the Canadian trio themselves since Bodyparts – aside from last year’s teaser “Let The Night Fall” – which makes the just released “Lonely Heart” their first proper comeback release of the new year. The bouncy, synth-soaked track is an unbelievably catchy affair, featuring subtle, vibrant reggae undertones and those countless addictive hooks we’ve come to expect from a Dragonette tune. A super welcomed returned!

“When we started writing ‘Lonely Heart,’ like most songs, we weren’t entirely aware of where it was leading us,” Martina told SPIN. “But then, slowly, a kind of ‘covert sad song’ started to form. On the surface it’s almost a party tune, but if you follow it more closely it’s quite melancholic. But I think it’s the kind of melancholy that most people enjoy feeling. The kind that keeps you interesting.”

Dragonette’s new single “Lonely Heart” is set to hit all digital retailers this Friday (May 27)!

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2016/05/24/dragonette-make-their-addictive-return-with-lonely-heart/


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