Kesha Makes Glorious Return On Zedd’s ‘True Colors’ Re-Release!

Our brave pop Warrior Kesha has returned to us with her first musical release in about three years! And it’s all thanks to Zedd!

The 26-year-old “Clarity” hit-maker was one of the first high-profile male artists to publicly support Kesha in her legal battle against Sony and Dr. Luke when he tweeted back in February, “very very sorry to hear about the whole situation. I’ll be happy to produce a song to you if you want my help.”

Zedd has followed through on his promise and has recruited Kesha to record an official re-release version of “True Colors,” the title track to his sophomore LP. Lyrically it’s amazing that a song not even intended or written for Kesha is the one that best describes the journey that she is on as she beautifully howls: “All my life, one page at a time/ I’ll show you my, my true colors/ No, no no no I won’t apologize for the fire in my eyes/ Let me show you my, my true colors, it ain’t no rainbow.” It’s truly perfect – THANK YOU ZEDD!!

“True Colors” by Zedd and Kesha will be released on all digital platforms tomorrow (April 29)!

from Jon ALi’s Blog


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