Fantasia Gets Introspective On So Blue Reveals The Definition Of Artwork!

See a lot of times, when things happen, you react in the moment. You’re not thinking about anything but you know, trying to get that person back or make that person hurt like you hurt. When you have time to sit back and think about it, it’s too late, the damage is already done,” Fantasia confesses on the spoken outro of her just released introspective trip-hop number “So Blue“!

The track is all about a relationship that’s gone awry, love that’s been hurt by two wrongs that, as Fantasia has learned, don’t necessarily make a right. “If I could take it back, baby I would take it back/ Cause see I want my man to stay/ But then I see the facts and this is how I react/ I wish I handled it another way.” Fantasia has done wrong, but at least she’s owning up to it!

So Blue” has been released alongside the reveal of her orange-tinted album cover for her forthcoming fifth studio album The Definition Of…, which is officially set to hit stores on June 10th. Check it out below – THAT IS WHAT AN ALBUM COVER SHOULD LOOK LIKE FOLKS!

Pre-order Fantasia’s forthcoming album The Definition Of… on iTunes / Apple Music now!

 photo Fantasia-the-definition-of_zpst3k42oar.png

from Jon ALi’s Blog


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