Katy B Lays Out Her Demons On Brooding Post-Breakup Ballad Water Rising

Honey, the upcoming collaborative album from Katy B, is (thankfully) shaping up to be every bit as good as the UK dance floor diva’s first two records On A Mission and Little Red. Everything from her Four Tet and Floating Points collaboration “Calm Down” to the Kaytranada-produced title track “Honey” to the Craig David and Major Lazer-assisted “Who Am I” to last month’s “I Wanna Be” has been completely on point.

Ahead of the collaborative project’s release tomorrow (April 21), Katy has decided to share one final teaser: “Water Rising,” a brooding and heartbreaking electronic ballad produced by MssingNo and frequent collaborator Geeneus.

“Is this here the moment, is this for the day?/ Lay it on the table, we’re done, walk away/ I can see the words/ They’re clinging to your tongue/ Who’s gon’ say it first/ Our world’s no longer home,” she sings in the opening lines of the spine-tingling, post-breakup number. “Feel the water rising/ I close my eyes and hold it back, better hold it down/ Or the dam’s gonna hit the ground/ Oh, feel the water rising/ I close my eyes and hold it back, better hold it down.” No one quite does heartbreak like Katy B – LOVE!

“In this song I’m really damaged, it was from a real dark place,” Katy told The FADER. “Maybe when a beat is quite forward-thinking and innovative I delve deep… but also, maybe I feel like they won’t be the most exposed songs, so that’s where I hide all my vulnerability. Like, this isn’t going to be on a daytime playlist on BBC Radio 1, so I can put my demons here.”

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2016/04/21/katy-b-lays-out-her-demons-on-brooding-post-breakup-ballad-water-rising/


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