VÉRITÉ Preps Third EP ‘Living’ For May, Debuts ‘Constant Crush’!

VÉRITÉ is back for more!

The (unsigned) NYC-based singer-songwriter has been churning out song after song of deliciously moody, broken-hearted tumultuous brooding over the past year: From “Weekend” to Colors” to “Wasteland to just about everything else included on her genius EP’s Echo and Sentiment.

Now, there’s another slice of ethereal alt-pop melancholy – following last month’s “Underdressed” – to set the mood just right in preparation of her third EP, Living, which is set to arrive on May 6. It’s called “Constant Crush,” and it was crafted alongside LA producer, Tim Anderson. Yes, the man behind “Beggin for Thread” and “Change” by fellow brooding Goddess, Banks!

Not only is this one of VÉRITÉ‘s most sophisticated productions yet, but it’s also pure lyrical gold: “Take me home and watch me give it up/ Chase some idealism I’ve dreamt up/ constant crush/ It’s always got a hold on, hold on me/ 
It’s in my blood/ It’s always got a hold on, hold on me.” Yeah, I can’t get enough of this chick – WINNING!

Living EP:
1. Underdressed
2. Constant Crush
3. Rest
4. Gesture
5. Living

BUY VÉRITÉ’s latest “Constant Crush” on iTunes / Apple Music now!

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2016/04/06/verite-preps-third-ep-living-for-may-debuts-constant-crush/


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