Katy B Serves Euphoric ’90’s House Perfection With ‘I Wanna Be’!

Katy B‘s upcoming collaborative album Honey is shaping up to be everything, to be quite honest. She’s had a solid streak thus far with her Four Tet and Floating Points collaboration “Calm Down,” the Kaytranada-produced title track “Honey,” as well as “Who Am I” alongside Craig David and Major Lazer. But now, three promotional singles deep, the Little Red singer might have just hit us with the strongest cut yet: “I Wanna Be“!

So far each release has shown a different side of Katy B‘s flexible range, but with “I Wanna Be” she reestablishes herself as dance floor diva on this glorious throwback nod to the House sirens and R&B divas of the ’90’s, full of full-bodied vocals and infectious melodies. “I wanna be where you’re taking me higher/ I wanna be in your arms/ I wanna be where my dreams transpire/ Don’t leave me here in the dark,” Katy confesses over the euphoric deep House throb, bringing to mind classics like Crystal Waters‘ “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless),” Robin S‘ “Show Me Love,” or even her very own Little Red highlight “I Like You.” These sexy club vibes are everything I live for – I’m so ready for more, more, more!

“When I heard Chris [Lorenz’s] beat, I felt quite euphoric… like it’d be in that moment when you’re with someone you like and end up kissing them,” Katy told The FADER. “When you decide not to play it cool but just go for it.”

Pre-order Katy B’s upcoming album Honey on iTunes UK now!

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2016/03/25/katy-b-serves-up-euphoric-90s-house-perfection-with-i-wanna-be/


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