Baauer Pulls Out All The Right Punches With Debut Album ‘Aa’!

BaauerIf you’ve not been formally acquainted by now, Harry Rodrigues, better known as Baauer, is a trap god. A young, beat master crafter.

The 26-year-old Philadelphia native has been producing his very own music from the age of 13, and yet, he’s only best known for his 2013 breakout hit “Harlem Shake” – my least favorite (go figure!). Since then, the bedroom producer-turned overnight internet sensation has taken his time, honing his craft with the release of 2014’s ß EP highlighting his evident reinvention while alluding to something much bigger: Aa, his full-length debut album, which has finally been released today (March 18)!

The entire album — from the appropriately titled “Church” to the heavy-handed hip-hop pulsations of the Novelist and Leikeli47-assisted “Day Ones” to the explosive Eastern-tinged “Temple (feat. M.I.A. & G-DRAGON) — plays like a complete soundtrack to your soon-to-be twerk-filled summer.

Baauer has pulled out all the right punches, the whole set flows smoothly with innovative and rich genre-bending production. And yet, there’s an underlying sense that this is only a small portion of what Baauer has to offer (he’s still young). But I’ve said enough: “GoGo!” listen!

BUY Baauer’s full-length debut album Aa on iTunes / Apple Music now!

from Jon ALi’s Blog


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