‘Wild Horses’: Birdy Moves Forward On ‘Beautiful Lies’ Emancipation Anthem!

BirdyIn case you forgot/weren’t already aware, Birdy is just two weeks away from releasing her anticipated sophomore album, Beautiful Lies, on March 25. It’s shaping up to be amazing, for the record. Have you not heard “Keeping Your Head Up” and the stunning title track? GET ON IT!

But before the new LP drops, Birdy has decided to release another taste in the form of a new music video for album cut “Wild Horses.” The Johnny McDaid-produced number is a uplifting slice of break-up angst that sees Birdy confidently moving forward from her former love. “I will survive and be the one who’s stronger/ I will not beg you to stay/ I will move on and you should know I mean it/ Wild horses run in me,” she achingly croons in the emancipating chorus. It’s exactly the kind of liberating anthem you’d expect to hear from the UK songbird.

The visual, however, shows Birdy transforming into some sort of ethereal mermaid and its all quite beautiful matched up with the song.

Pre-order Birdy’s upcoming album Beautiful Lies on iTunes now!

from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2016/03/11/birdy-moves-forward-on-beautiful-lies-emancipation-anthem-wild-horses/


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