‘Every Step Every Way’: Majid Jordan’s Irresistible Stalker’s Anthem!

My favorite Toronto-based duo Majid Jordan continue to roll out new music in support of their anticipated self-titled debut album, which drops in just two weeks on February 5th.

After hitting us with tracks like their Drake-assisted banger “My Love,” “Something About You,” “King City” and last week’s “Learn From Each Other,” the OVO production twosome have decided to liberate another cut for us called “Every Step Every Way“! And like the majority of what we’ve heard already, it lingers on-top of a moody, atmospheric R&B-house groove as they confess their love for their special lady.

“Cause I’ll be there every step, every way for you (way for you, way for you)/ Every step, every day for you (day for you, day for you)/ I’ll be there every step, every way for you (way for you, way for you)/ every breathe that you taking through,” Majid croons. It kind of doubles as a stalker’s anthem but in the most flattering way possible. At this point, it’s safe to say their forthcoming debut album will be well worth the wait – WIN!

Pre-order Majid Jordan’s self-titled full-length debut on iTunes & get five tracks instantly!


from Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2016/01/22/every-step-every-way-majid-jordans-irresistible-stalkers-anthem/


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