Rachel Platten Sets Debut Album ‘Wildfire’ for January – See Cover & Tracklist Here!

Following the breakout success of her hit single “Fight Song” – which is still holding strong on the Billboard Hot 100, currently #6 – Rachel Platten has finally announced details of her anticipated major label debut album, Wildfire!

The 12-track LP featuring “Fight Song,” follow-up single “Stand By You,” as well as “Beating Me Up,” “Lone Ranger” and “Congratulations” from her Fight Song EP released earlier this year will be available everywhere Friday, January 1st via Columbia Records.

“After a decade of trying to find my path in music I started to believe it would never happen for me. The thing that kept me going was the one-on-one connections with listeners – no matter how many or how few. These connections sparked my fire that fueled me to write this album. Wildfire is for everyone who ever believed in me,” Rachel said in a statement.

Are we looking forward to Rachel‘s debut LP y’all??

1. Stand By You
2. Hey Hey Hallelujah (feat. Andy Grammer)
3. Speechless
4. Beating Me Up
5. Fight Song
6. Better Place
7. Lone Ranger
8. You Don’t Know My Heart
9. Angels In Chelsea
10. Astronauts
11. Congratulations
12. Superman

Pre-order Rachel Platten’s debut album Wildfire on iTunes now!

from Jon ALi’s Blog » Jon ALi’s Blog | Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2015/12/04/rachel-platten-sets-debut-album-wildfire-for-january-see-cover-tracklist-here/


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