Ellie Goulding Drops ‘Delirium’ Bangers, ‘Keep On Dancin’ & ‘Don’t Need Nobody’!

We’ve had the great pleasure of hearing most of Ellie Goulding‘s upcoming album Delirium at the point: From the brilliant lead single “On My Mind” to “Something In The Way You Move” to last week’s “Army” — and they’re all killer. There’s simply not a single dud in the entire set. Not one!

With Delirium just three days away from release on November 6th (I’m so pumped!), Ellie has decided to drop not one, but two new tracks from anticipated third studio LP: “Don’t Need Nobody” and “Keep On Dancin” – and they’re both certainly no exception.

The first song “Don’t Need Nobody,” is a brooding dancefloor killer that organically builds along a pulsating beat and finger snaps, leading all the way to what is a genuinely great feeling electro-pop dance break. To no one’s surprise, the song offers up some effortlessly strong melodies — that “I don’t need nobody, need nobody, but you” hook is a major earworm — resulting in some rather thrilling musical medicine.


And then there’s “Keep On Dancin’,” a slightly more experimental affair as far as production is concerned. “You can hurt me, I’ll find another/ You can love me, you’ll be my lover/ Happy, in rain or thunder/ Baby I keep/ I keep on, I keep on, I just keep on dancing,” she sings as the track suddenly dives into a thrilling, jungle-like dance breakdown of glitchy vocals, distant whistles, and infectious electronic beats. Her unique playfulness on the Ryan Tedder-produced number is absolutely spectacular. I’m completely sold on this album already – WIN!


Pre-order Ellie Goulding’s upcoming album Delirium (Deluxe) on iTunes now!

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