‘Lost and Found’: Ellie Goulding’s Romantic ‘Delirium’ Joyride!

Listen! Here are some straight-up facts: Ellie Goulding‘s new album Delirium will be released in just two weeks on November 6th. Fifty Shades of Grey anthem/Delirium album cut “Love Me Like You Do” is still amazing and (most definitely) a top contender for Song Of The Year. Lead single “On My Mind” is a feisty bounce-tastic bop that continues to slay its way up the charts (currently #22 on the Hot 100). Also, “Something In The Way You Move” is beyond great.

Know what else is great? “Lost and Found,” her latest Delirium pre-order grat track – co-penned by Ellie herself alongside pop dream team: Carl Falk, Max Martin, Laleh Pourkarim and Joakim Berg.

But, like for real doe: “Lost and Found” is yet another shining highlight from the upcoming LP, and Ellie and her lush vocals are, of course, the undeniable force driving the song’s folky-tinged greatness: Those infectious melodies in the verses (“Guess I need to run, take me to the bus/ But don’t let me go/ no, don’t let me on…”) and that joyride of a chorus, which soars through the speakers like a nostalgia-evoking, euphoric, leave-all-your-worries-behind anthem catered perfectly for those windows down, sing-along late night drives with your bae. Delirium can’t come soon enough!

“Lost and Found” will be available at midnight – Pre-order Delirium on iTunes now!


from Jon ALi’s Blog » Jon ALi’s Blog | Jon ALi’s Blog http://jonalisblog.com/2015/10/22/lost-and-found-ellie-gouldings-romantic-delirium-joyride/


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