Lauv Keeps It Simple & Effective On Latest Single, ‘Paris in the Rain’!

We’ve revived a solid amount of tunage from rising talent Lauv over the last year – from “Question” to “Breathe” to “I Like Me Better” to last month’s “Easy Love” – but despite the solid batch of singles, we’ve been hard-pressed for info about a fully-realized project due largely to the fact that there just isn’t one… yet.

Instead of releasing a conventional, cohesive album, Lauv, 23, has decided to release a playlist called, I met you when I was 18, to allow him to piece everything together as he continues to grow and develop. “The truth is I’m still figuring it out, but there’s a thread and all I know is I want to share it with you guys the same way I’ve been piecing it together myslef,” Lauv said in a statement. “The puzzle is incomplete, and I’m going to be releasing A LOT of new music that fills in the gaps until the chapter in my life is fully told.”

The next piece in the puzzle is a new track called “Paris in the Rain,” co-written alongside Michael Pollack and Michael Matosic. The track is an ode to a lover that shines through via its minimalist approach. “Anywhere with you feels right/ Anywhere with you feels like/ Paris in the rain/ Paris in the rain,” Lauv croons over the soft atmospherics, finger snaps and lingering piano melodies. “We don’t need a fancy town/ Or bottles that we can’t pronounce/ Cause anywhere babe/ Is like Paris in the rain/ When I’m with you-u-u-u.”

Sometimes the magic of a song lies in its simplicity and that’s certainly the case here.

Lauv’s latest “Paris in the Rain” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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Tove Lo Completes ‘Lady Wood’ Story With Phase Two, ‘Blue Lips’: 5 Absolute Must-Listens!

Just one year after the release of Lady Wood – one of 2016’s very best, Tove Lo unleashes her third studio album, BLUE LIPS (Lady Wood: Phase II), here on this very blessed #NewMusicFriday!

Sure, yes, Sia released her very first Holiday album Everyday Is Christmas today (November 17) as well, but we’re not going to focus on that just yet – we’re going to deservedly give our full undivided attention to the Queen of the Clouds.

On BLUE LIPS, the highly anticipated second phase and final two chapters of the Lady Wood era, Tove picks up right where her two Lady Wood chapters (Fairy Dust and Fire Fade) left off. She’s still chasing highs to feel alive, but this time around, the Swedish songstress is peeling back the layers and diving even deeper into her psyche – a reckless and vulnerable place to be – as she triumphs through her ups and downs on her empowering third go-around. With that said: BLUE LIPS isn’t necessarily better than Lady Wood, but it does feel like a solid conclusion to where it left off — and it’s arguably even more universal in its appeal.

The whole collection deserves a proper listen or two to fully appreciate, from the inviting intro “LIGHT BEAMS” to “dont ask dont tell” to “romantics (feat. Daye Jack),” but for those in search of some instant tracks to indulge, look no further than these five instant faves from BLUE LIPS (Lady Wood: Phase II). And then listen to all of it, OKURRR.

2. “disco tits“: As the first real song song of the album, “disco tits” is a triumphant display of Tove‘s growth and increasingly confident personality that thoroughly sets the tone of what lies ahead. She’s feeling weirder, wilder, more sexual and liberated than ever before and you feel it from start to finish on this dance throb. “I’m sweatin’ from head to toe/ I’m wet through all my clothes/ I’m fully charged, nipples are hard/ Ready to go,” she declares across the euphoric production. “disco tits” is a mixed bag of Swede-pop perfection, which is part of what makes it so intriguing — and certainly the reason why the song has been taking over my speakers ever since it debuted.

3. “shedontknowbutsheknows” isn’t just one of the album’s most immediate offerings, but also one of the more intriguing stories told on the LP. “She don’t know what you did when you come back home/ She don’t know what you’re doin’ out all night long/ She don’t know all the photos you’ve (got) in your phone/ But she knows (she knows, she knows),” Tove declares across the throbbing Weeknd-like production — an icy underground club anthem for those of you getting lost in some fu*k boy fu*kery.

6. “stranger” finds Tove diving back into her high as fu*k hazy cloud as she steps out in hopes to find somebody to fill her emptiness atop electrifying guitar riffs and dooming dance beats. “You’re my stranger in the dark/ I am lonely, lonely heart/ Waiting for someone to take me home/ You’re my stranger in the dark/ I am lonely, vagabond/ Hold me down, want you to bring me home..,” she croons. Damn, girl. That chorus is an absolute monster. A depressed bop. That’s a thing right?

7. “bitches”: This one first appeared at the end of Tove‘s Fairy Dust short film and I’ve been waiting to hear it in full ever since. Thankfully, it did NOT disappoint. “Bitches, I don’t trust ’em/ But they give me what I want for the night/ Bitches, I don’t trust ’em/ But I tell ’em and they do what I like,” she repeats throughout on the lesbian sex ode, produced by her “Keep It Simple” collaborator Ali Payami.

10. “cycles“: The Struts-produced “cycles” sees Tove finally owning up to things as she tells the story of a repetitive relashionship, the kind where you know it’s bad but can’t seem to make the first step to get out of it. “I’m in a cycle/ Yeah, I admit it/ How can I change it when I don’t know when I’m in it?/ I’m in a cycle/ Swear this is different/ Don’t wanna end it, if you leave then I keep spinnin’/ My life’s a cycle.” Pure relatable gold.

11. “struggle“: Like the title implies, the emotions and production get darker and moodier on this self deprecating throb. “I’ve got my way with words/ Don’t believe me/ Pretend like I don’t hurt/ I don’t, I don’t, I don’t/ I’ve got my way with pain/ Don’t believe me/ I numb myself to blame/ I don’t, I don’t, I don’t…” she declares out on the bridge, crying out louder and growing more frustrated in the process.

Okay, now go listen to the whole thing. That’s a demand!

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Aly & AJ’s ‘Ten Years’ EP: Required Listening Of The Week!

HAPPY NEW MUSIC FRIDAY BITCHES!! (#NewMusicFriday is a lot today, but that’s the annoying case always as of late.)

This is a time for celebration: At long last — a decade after the release of their still-everything sophomore album InsomniaticAly & AJ return, for real this time, with the Ten Years EP aka 15 minutes of 80’s-feeling pop perfection.

As you might already know, the previously released lead single “Take Me” is really fu*king great and “I Know” is absolutely beyond. Know what else is good? The two remaining tracks, “Promises” and “The Distance.”

If you thought “I Know” was dreamy, then you’re not fully prepared for the dreamy greatness that is “Promises.” Yupp, “Promises” is yet another shining highlight from the EP: Those incredible chants throughout the song (“Whooo-ooohh-ooh“) and that joy ride of a chorus with its late night getaway synth pulses. Pure gold, and the lyrics are pure relatable genius, too.

Then there’s the closer “The Distance,” perhaps the most unapologetically 80’s of 80’s-inspired songs from the batch next to “Take Me,” from the propulsive drum intro to those nostalgic synth blasts. “I keep on going the distance/ Time keeps on making me hate this/ It was hot as hell, I still feel/ As good as it was, I just couldn’t take the distance,” the girls chant on the hook, lamenting the distance you feel in a relationship that isn’t working anymore. Like the rest of what we’ve heard from sis duo this time around, the track is extravagant and earnest and optimistic, even in the face of romantic disaster.

The girls did the damn thing, period.

Aly & AJ’s Ten Years EP is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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Parson James Makes A Heavenly Return With New Single ‘Only You’!

Parson James! He’s thankfully back at it again…

After keeping us grooving over the summer with his fantastic Betty Who and Hook N Sling collaboration “If You’re Hearing This,” Parson has returned all on his own again with a brand new single called “Only You“!

The track is drastically different from the electro-pop stuff of “If You’re Hearing This.” Instead, the vulnerable cut sees Parson laying down his soul-drenched vocals across a much more organic and instrumental, bluesy piano-driven production. “When I’m feeling your love it’s like a wind that blows/ I can’t give up and I can’t let / I won’t give up, I won’t lose/ When I’m broken down and I’m bruised/ I’m gonna get myself back home to you/ Only you-ahhh,” he declares across the soaring chorus, aided by hand claps and heavenly choir assistance in the distance.

It’s a welcome return to form or sorts, sonically, but nothing quite compares to Parson‘s vocal delivery. A stunner of a song from start to finish – Listen below!

Parson James’ latest single “Only You” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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Miguel Provides Proper Assurance On ‘War & Leisure’ Cut, ‘Pineapple Skies’!

It’s blessed #NewMusicFriday when Miguel promises everything gon’ be alright…

Following the Travis Scott-assisted “Sky Walker” and “Told You So,” Miguel takes flight on “Pineapple Skies,” the latest promo single from his upcoming album War & Leisure, which is due out on December 1st.

Like “Told You So” before it,” “Pineapple Skies” sees Miguel diving deeper into psychedelic future-R&B territory as he laces his smooth soulful vocals on-top of another 80’s-inspired production. “Bass line, back slide/ You and your your bass line, bass line/ Oh, I want it now, I want it now/ Got it now, gonna show all night/ Everything gon’ be alright,” he croons over the pulsating synths, crunchy bass lines and funky guitar riffs.

War & Leisure is three for three so far. This is exactly where Miguel needs to be – WIN!

Miguel’s latest “Pineapple Skies” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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Jessie J Empowers With Official ‘R.O.S.E’ Lead Single, ‘Queen’!

Body, skin, goddess… QUEEN!

Jessie J has been slowly revealing the contents of R.O.S.E, her upcoming studio album — an acronym for “Realizations, Obsessions, Sex, and Empowerment” — with a series of promotional tracks, from buzz cut “Real Deal,” to the deeply personal “Think About That” to last month’s emotional “Not My Ex.”

This week, the vocal powerhouse has formally revealed the LP’s official lead single “Queen,” an powerful affirmation of one’s self worth, strength, beauty, and regality penned by Jessie herself alongside DJ Camper.

“I love my body, I love my skin/ I am a goddess, I am a queen/ I love my body, I love my skin/ I am a goddess, I am a queen,” Jessie repeats throughout the bass-heavy, R&B-leaning production. Each time she hits that chorus the song swells with a little more of her signature belting, but she does a good job of keeping it pretty restrained throughout (which isn’t always the case). “Body, skin, goddess, queen/ Body, skin, goddess, queen…

It’s meaningful, simple, and without a doubt appealing – primarily by way of its resonating lyrics. “This is more than another song for me, it’s bigger than me. It’s a feeling, a movement and a mantra,” Jessie said in a statement about the song. “Words I want EVERY woman to sing and FEEL. We are ALL QUEENS!”

Jessie J’s new single “Queen” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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‘All Night’: Lauren Jauregui Delivers Some Dance Pop Magic With Steve Aoki!

Things are slowing come to an end in the land of Fifth Harmony with all the girls venturing out on their own…

The solo moves keep coming this week, this time in the form of another collaboration from member Lauren Jauregui: “All Night” with Steve Aoki, Lauren‘s third team up following releases with Marian Hill (“Back To Me“), Halsey (“Strangers“) and Ty Dolla $ign (“In Your Phone“).

The vibe-y, atmospheric dance-pop track comes just a few months after the EDM producer released his fourth studio album, Steve Aoki Presents Kolony. “All Night” is a slightly more experimental dance-pop vibe from your typical Fifth Harmony bop, as her full-bodied vocals smoothly build across the infectious pulsations in the verses before reaching euphoric heights in the thumping chorus.

Let’s keep this going all night/ Going all night/ Going all night…,” Lauren seductively croons before truly letting loose and providing the kind of pipes we’ve come to expect from the mini diva on the bridge: “And I don’t wanna (I don’t wanna play)/ These emotional games (emotional games)/ Only you bring me closer/ And I cannot deny that I want you to stay.”

It’s a welcome musical direction for Lauren, as she continues to sort out her solo sound with various collaborators. WIN!

Steve Aoki & Lauren Jauregui’s new single “All Night” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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