Clean Bandit & Marina And The Diamonds Finally Release The All-Too-Relatable, ‘Disconnect’!

JoJo isn’t the fabulously talented musical act dropping a surprise treat for fans on this blessed, Pride-filled #NewMusicFriday!

Need to look after myself, yeah, I need to take a breath/ Need to look after my health, yeah, I need to disconnect.” Positive self-affirmations I repeat to myself on the daily? Why, yes! Well, no. But close enough…

In fact, that happens to be the all-too-relatable, singalong-friendly chorus of the long-awaited, much-anticipated collaboration between UK production trio Clean Bandit and Marina & The Diamonds, which they first debuted it at the Coachella Festival two years ago.

To no one’s surprise, “Disconnect” supplies a substantial amount of heaven-sent pop melodies (“Yeah, I need to take a breath/ Yeah, I need to disconnect“) and catchy chants (“ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh“) above glorious strings, sparkling flares of synths and a driving dance beat. There’s something especially euphoric once goddess Marina launches into that dreamy, healing chorus — a real all-star collaboration packed with top-notch lyricism, songcraft and production all at once. MAGIC PEOPLE, MAGIC!

“Disconnect” by Clean Bandit & Marina & The Diamonds is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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JoJo Reminisces About That Good Good On Surprise Bedroom Banga, ‘Wonder Woman’!

Late last year, fabulously talented “Leave (Get Out)” songstress Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque aka Queen JoJo finally unleashed her long-awaited third studio album Mad Love – and she did not disappoint, it without a doubt was one of 2016’s very best.

It seems, however, that the pint-sized chanteuse has been keeping busy “in the studio when you were busy” following the end of her Mad Love Tour, as she’s just returned with a special surprise treat, a straight fiya bedroom burner called “Wonder Woman.” Move over, Gal Gadot.

Wonder Woman” was written alongside Nikki Flores and was produced by Josh Monroy (known as “Igloo”), who is responsible for crafting three highlights off of Mad Love: “Like This,” “Clovers” and the title track itself!

Similar to the seductive “Like This” or even “Edibles” off of Mad Love, “Wonder Woman” finds JoJo getting hot and heavy above a trippy R&B beat: “Remember when/ You used to call me Wonder Woman?/ When I gave you good luck/ I guess that’s still true/ Because I wonder/ I wonder, I wonder, I do/ I catch myself thinking ’bout you/ And I wonder if you think about me too/ Because I wonder,” Jo reminisces.

It easily couldn’t fit somewhere in-between “Like This” and “Clovers” on Mad Love, but it totally works as a one-off as well. Do you live for it, biddes, like I do?

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Rita Ora Rebels Against Time In ‘Your Song’ Music Video!

In case you’ve been out of the loop… Rita Ora‘s brand-new single “Your Song” is a genuinely enjoyable bop from the very first play.

The Ed Sheeran-penned tune has already been on frequent rotation every since it dropped last month, so it’s no surprise that the just released accompanying music video is a refreshingly fabulous as the song itself.

In the clip, directed by Michael Haussman, we see the 26-year-old entertainer rebelling against her corporate gig, unbuttoning her jacket and disrupting an office meeting, as she dances and frolics out of the building — all in reverse mind you. By the end, she makes her way back to her love, the one who broke her heart. It’s all a bit random, but somehow, it works?

“The video is basically about me not having any time, time isn’t a concept. It’s just going back and forth of me breaking free in an office building and doing the rebellious thing, kind of breaking out of my shell and singing about this guy who broke my heart,” Rita told 92.3 AMP Radio. “It’s an important song for me because I did it with a dear friend of mine, which makes everything more special when you do it with people you actually like and love.”

Rita Ora’s new single “Your Song” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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HAIM Bring It Back Home In ‘Want You Back’ Music Video!

When it comes the art of video-making, the ladies of HAIM know how to do it right.

Fresh off the release “Little Of Your Love,” the fierce sister-trio have debuted the official music video for their addictive stomper “Want You Back,” the lead single off of their upcoming Ariel Rechtshaid-produced sophomore album Something To Tell You. And while the dreamy, ’80’s-esque rock throwback is already excellent, the track just got a major boost thanks to the fabulous dancing featured throughout the just released Jake Schreier-directed clip — the sis’ are seriously bringing the moves, yet again!

Everything about the video just works, and the fact that the location holds sentimental value to HAIM makes it all even more better. They’re joyfully strutting down the valley streets they grew up on. Everything, really. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

HAIM’s new single “Want You Back” is available on Spotify and Apple Music now!

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Song of the Week: Jaira Burns ‘Ugly’

This week’s Song of the Week comes from a new pop starlet on-the-rise: Miss Jaira Burns!

The blue-haired Pittsburgh native is newly signed to Interscope Records, and is launching her career with an irresistible pop throb called “Ugly,” which was co-written by Troye Sivan and Daya hit-maker Leland alongside Allie X, and produced by pop dreamteam Cirkut and Billboard.

The track is somewhat of a warning to Jaira‘s new boy toy, who sounds pretty intriguing at first: “Play Marco Polo, feeling ’round with his eyes closed/ Call me Cleopatra, make me watch in the mirror/ Don’t wanna say, ‘told you so,‘” she declares before laying down the rules on the infectious, dancehall-driven hook: “But, ah, as long as you love me, this could get ugly/ Ah, yeah, baby, trust me, this could get ugly, protect me/ It’s fucking good, real fucking good// It’s fucking good, loving me like you should/ But ah, yeah, baby, trust me, this could get ugly.” It’s really all about the chorus, which is repeated endlessly — but at least it’s a damn good one.

Ugly” without a doubt is a pretty bold, in-your-face way to say hello to the world. I’m expecting great things to come from Jaira – Get familiar!

Jaira Burns’ debut single “Ugly” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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SZA Scores A Special Cameo In Cinematic ‘Drew Barrymore’ Music Video!

FINALLY! SZA‘s “Drew Barrymore,” taken from her truly amazing full-length debut CTRL, now has an official music video!

Directed by the one and only Dave Meyers, the fun-filled clip plays out as a day in the life of the TDE songstress in the city streets of New York. It kicks off with her and a group of friends waking up after a hazy night and going for a walk around the city, crossing the street Abbey Road-style.

The fun continues throughout the visual, SZA and crew grab some pizza, go to the train station, go sleighing in the snow, and hit up another late-night house party. Later, in a bit of a symbolic moment, SZA is featured naked at a laundromat – you know, as you do. Later, in an even more symbolic moment, SZA runs into Drew Barrymore herself, the star who inspired the track in the first place – she’s come full circle. A QUEEN AFTER MY OWN HEART.

But seriously: If you haven’t already, please do yourself a favor and listen to SZA‘s album CTRL, it’s without a doubt one of the best of the year already.

SZA’s full-length debut CTRL is available on iTunes and all other digital platforms now!

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HAIM Keep The Goods Coming With Latest Cut, ‘Little Of Your Love’!

Want You Back,” the addicting the lead single from HAIM‘s upcoming Ariel Rechtshaid-produced sophomore album Something To Tell You, is still on heavy rotation round these parts, and yet we’re still a little over two weeks away from getting the full LP on July 7.

To hold us over until then, the sister trio – individually known as Este (bass), Danielle (guitars and lead vocals) and Alana Haim (guitars and keyboards) – have finally shared the full studio version of “Little Of Your Love,” which they first debuted during Saturday Night Live last month.

The track, which follows “Right Now,” is another satisfying showcase of the trio’s effortless ability to marry classic pop sensibilities with complex, ’50’s-inpsired production and arrangements. “You gotta give me just a little of your love, baby/ And I’ll try,” they chant throughout the infectious tune, over a building groove packed with chiming piano, twangy guitar and dizzy electronics. It’s signature HAIM at their very best.

Something To Tell You is three for three so far – bring on the rest girls!

“Little Of Your Love” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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