‘Rendezvous’: The Amazing Introduction of Miss Benny!

In 2019 you will stan Miss Benny.

Miss Who you ask? For anyone not already familiar with the addicting and fascinating world of YouTube personalities, Miss Benny aka Benny aka Ben J. Pierce aka Kid POV was once a very prominent member of the community: He’s racked up thousands of subscribers via his popular channel’s since he was 11.

For now, though, the multi-talented, Texas-bred “internet gay boy” is setting his sights on a much different medium than adorably, awkward weekly storytelling and tutorial challenges: The music world.

That’s not to say that Ben‘s music career has just begun: He’s been pursing a music project under the name Benny since 2014, and has a couple of solid songs under his belt, including “Never Apart” and “Boys Will Be Boys.”

Rendezvous,” however, is Ben‘s debut single as Miss Benny, which just debuted today and is – perhaps shocking to some – a much more impressive offering than what the term “YouTube personality” might allude.

The track – which was written and produced by himself – is a delightfully flirtatious, breathy bout of come-hither pop directed at Miss Benny‘s late-night attraction.

I’m not gonna cry for no one/ ‘Cause nobody deserves my tears, yeah/ But if you really wanna we can rendezvous…,” he seductively purrs over an enticing guitar strum pulse (with a cheeky dose of western sonic flavor) before launching into a woosh of throbbing club sounds and synths once the chorus strikes: “To the rendezvous, you know what to do/ Pull up in your vintage car/ Baby, I won’t say this twice/ I need your sweet gift tonight/ And the rendezvous…” It’s simply hypnotic.

I’ve got a lot of hope in Miss Benny‘s potential, not only as a pop star, but a young, gay singer-songwriter-actor living his god damn truth. “Rendezvous” is a majorly impressive re-start and it only further cements my faith in him. Live Miss Benny! LIVE!

Miss Benny’s debut single “Rendezvous” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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Sofi Tukker & ZHU Make Steamy Dance Magic On Collab, ‘Mi Rumba’!

Fresh off the announcement of their second-ever Grammy nomination, Sofi Tukker are pushing forward in a big way in 2019 with the release of “Mi Rumba,” their brand new collaboration with Mind of a Genius star ZHU!

Mi Rumba” channels a deeper and darker sound, largely in thanks to their collaborator. With that said, the duo – Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern – is still track’s true delight as they casually seduce over the production’s hypnotic bass line inherent of ZHU‘s signature aesthetic.

It’s just one of those tracks that exudes a sizzling sensuality throughout – a no-brainier pairing.

“ZHU is a great producer and we were excited to get in the room together and see what would happen,” Sofi Tukker said in a statement. “It was a really fun and natural process and we were up dancing and laughing most of the time. It’s dirty and we love it.”

SOFI TUKKER & Zhu’s single “Mi Rumba” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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Mabel Turns Post-Breakup Into A Celebration On ‘Don’t Call Me Up’!

Mabel is another pop girl that is low key doing the damn thing, and y’all need to stop sleeping on her.

The UK-based singer-songstress — who is up for Best British Breakthrough Act at the 2019 BRITS — has been churning out song after song of deliciously mid-tempo, R&B-pop since 2017: From “Finders Keepers” to ‘Fine Line” to “One Shot” and the rest of her genius Ivy to Roses Mixtape.

The rising diva just dropped yet another cut from upcoming debut called “Don’t Call Me Up,” and this one may be her very best yet.

Crafted alongside hit-makers Steve Mac (Little Mix, Clean Bandit, Anne-Marie) and Camille “Kamille” Purcell (Dua Lipa, Olly Murs), the track is as sultry as the rest of what we’ve already heard, but with a more uptempo – dare I say, smash-ready – sound than Mabel‘s usual chilled-out affair.

“I’m over you and I don’t need your lies no more/ ‘Cause the truth is, without you, boy, I’m stronger…,” she declares before launching into arguably her most instant chorus to date. “Don’t call me up/ I’m going out tonight/ Feeling good now you’re outta my life/ Don’t wanna talk about us/ Gotta leave it behind/ One drink and you’re outta my mind/ Now, now take it up/ Baby, I’m on a high/ You’re alone, going out of your mind/ But I’m here out in the club/ And I don’t wanna talk/ So don’t call me up.”

With those seductive, Latin-tinged strings and earworm of a chorus firmly on repeat, the song’s got smash written all over. A post-breakup anthem done right – GET FAMILIAR!

Mabel’s new single “Don’t Call Me Up” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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Becky G ‘LBD’

Ariana Grande isn’t the only pint-sized diva dropping something new on this blessed #NewMusicFriday. Our favorite Princess of Latin Pop, Becky G is also here to claim some spotlight of her very own.

The Mexican-American singer-actress is back with her first release of 2019, a mostly English new single called “LBD,” which is short for little black dress.

Surprisingly, “LBD” doesn’t rely on a typical reggaeton-drenched production to drive her sultry suggestiveness. This time around, Becky‘s lacing her sexy come-ons across a tripping, bass-heavy hip-hop production.

Every time you see me with my little black dress on/ Oh, you need me/ Say you want a freak some, I can see it,” Becky confidently purrs on the hook. “You wanna be grown, no, rated PG/ Baby, you should know that I ain’t easy.”

She lays it down and promptly struts her stuff throughout — but not without switching it up for a quick Latin verse at the tail-end of the track, making this a best of both Becky G worlds moment. I’m here for it!

“It’s finally here!!!! I can’t believe it,” Becky tweeted. “Guys this is just a little sneak peek of what’s to come with my English music and I’m so sooo excited to FINALLY share it with you!! I love you so much! This is #LBD

Becky G’s new single “LBD” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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Ariana Grande Owns Her Confidence On New Single, ‘7 Rings’!

What Ariana Grande wants, she gets. You like her hair? Gee, thanks! She just bought it…

With “thank u, next” finally loosing some steam on the Billboard Hot 100, Ariana Grande is officially ready to move forward with her next single off her upcoming fifth studio album: “7 Rings

Crafted alongside the same team behind her first #1 single “thank u, next” – Social House and TBHits – “7 Rings” finds Ariana at her most unapologetic yet as she confidently boasts about her money, talent and independence.

Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines/ Buy myself all of my favorite things/ Been threw some bad shit/ I should be a sad bitch,” she cheekily purrs in the song’s opening lines, mimicking the melody of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music in the process. “Who would have thought it’d turn me to a savage?/ Rather be tied up with cuffs and not strings/ Write my own checks like I write what I sing, yeah…

It’s a chill and tripping, #SomethingMoreUrban trap-lite wave for about 2 minutes – but before the song reaches its end, Miss Ariana comes in locked and loaded to give her empowerment anthem the proper finish with a fiery rap verse that objectively slays: “Black card is my business card/ The way it be settin’ the tone for me/ I don’t mean to brag, but I be like, Put it in the bag, yeah…

Does it scream single-worthy? Maybe not. But as a fresh new direction for Miss Ariana Grande, it gets the job done. Ladies, remain empowered – Ariana‘s got your back!

Ariana Grande’s new single “7 Rings” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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Sigrid Finds Peace In Heartache On New Single, ‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’!

Sigrid is really that pop girl I’m going to need you to start paying more attention to.

The 22-year-old Norwegian singer-songwriter, who won the BBC Music Sound of 2018 award, has consistently served up quality records, notably with her EP’s – 2017’s Don’t Kill My Vibe and 2018’s Raw – and the undeniable “Strangers,” which all provided us with a healthy glimpse of what she has to offer.

Anywho, Sigrid‘s finally got a full body of work coming out on March 8th. It’s called Sucker Punch and it features the already released title track, her greatest hits “Strangers,” “Don’t Kill My Vibe” and “Dynamite,” as well as her brand new single: “Don’t Feel Like Crying“!

The Emily Warren co-penned, Oscar Holter produced gem is equal parts shimmer and anguish, as Sigrid works her way through a breakup on the dance floor on what is yet another shining moment in her ever-growing sad disco discography. She admits “my heart is aching,” but concedes, “wallowing in it would be such a waste.” PREACH!

It’s the kind of song you can’t help but dance along to, even in the face of romantic ruin. Gorgeous, vulnerable and optimistic.

“There’s a romantic melancholy in the landscape,” Sigrid said in a statement. “There’s a certain grace to heartache, a sort of… epic grace! I love dramatic pop songs.”

Sigrid’s new single “Don’t Feel Like Crying” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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Maren Morris Faces Her Inner Critic On Empowerment Anthem, ‘GIRL’!

Queen Maren Morris won over our hearts in 2018 with the massive success of “The Middle,” her three-time Grammy-nominated smash with Zedd and Grey.

But now, she’s back and all on her own again with “GIRL,” our first taste of what’s to come from her upcoming sophomore album.

“I was writing it as a letter to another girl who I felt had disrespected me and was constantly trying to be competitive with me when I just wanted to exist in my own space,” Maren told Rolling Stone. “But as we kept writing it, I realized I’m not talking to someone else — I’m talking to myself.”

It’s all about feeling broken down, but rising above in spite of everything — a self-empowerment anthem, yes, with the kind of sincerity you’d come to expect to come from Maren‘s pen.

Girl, won’t you stop your cryin’?/ I know that you’re tryin’/ Everything’s gonna be okay/ Baby girl, don’t you hang your head low/ Don’t you lose your halo/ Everyone’s gonna be okay/ Baby girl…

Maren‘s no stranger to supplying a shoulder to cry on — see also “I Could Use A Love Song,” “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry,” etc — and she continues to do so in “GIRL,” crafted alongside Sarah Aarons (who co-wrote “The Middle“) and Greg Kurstin. There are plenty of earworm melodies and a colossal chorus, but the best part, obviously, is the message of self-love – something anyone and everyone can get behind. Welcome back, GIRL!

Maren Morris’ new single “GIRL” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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